Sunday, January 24, 2016

Thinking and Consciousness

Thinking is the process that allows us to live in a story experiencing our thoughts in form. The level of our thinking is from the light in our consciousness that is from the level of love we have accumulated in our souls over our life continuum. We are not our thoughts.
Thinking is only what processes the energy at the level of consciousness. It gives us the way through photosynthesis to see what we think in form. The premise of this part of life is to have way to be conscious of consciousness by having form give what we live through so we have the level of life to give love in and become more love. Conscious energy is helping us live in form. Every person is coming into this life at a base line consciousness that is of the collective consciousness the world has created. Every person is living through a personalized curriculum given through the light in their soul to give the experience that can cut the soul to be of greater love.
Consciousness is all that is alive. Everything we think is only existing in what we are able to think. It is considered our level of thinking. Levels in life have different levels of thinking that can create better levels of life.  Living is to evolve to higher levels of consciousness so that the level of thinking can change the world being experienced to higher levels of living.
Everything in life is being thought into being. There is nothing that has been created that was not at one time only imagined in thought before brought into being. Imagination and creativity are the levels in thought that give life the emphasis of where it can be lived.   It's what leads life in the directions to give it greater living.
The only way humanity evolves is by the individual levels of consciousness giving what is able to be imagined.  The present life is being lived in a level of what could be called a dream. It is a state of consciousness that is one level of many and only creating life in the level that it is of. The only level of truth in consciousness is coming from the level of God and that is love. Everything else is a level of thinking in a pool of consciousness in a process evolving. The level of reality is only based on the level of thinking of the baseline collective consciousness and that changes as life becomes more conscious. As life rises to higher levels of consciousness the reality of life itself changes and can live at levels that at one time were never able to be conceived or thought possible. The level of living is only being able to live through what is able to be thought. The different levels in life give a greater pool of consciousness for what can be created to live through.
Thinking processes life. Consciousness is life. What we think, we live.