Monday, April 25, 2016


Love is the most powerful force on our planet

Love raises consciousness
Love connects all life
Love heals our past
Love heals our present
Love blesses us

Love is life's miracle
Love is the way to peace
Love gives mercy to all life
Love gives the miracle of life

Love brings harmony to living
Love is happiness
Love is what life exist in

Love is the forgiver that blesses our lives
Love is the light in all life
Love is the key to higher levels of life

Love communicates at the highest level of consciousness in life
Love gives infinite blessings to others
Love lets people live as they are
Love is what keeps us connected to heaven

Loves power is greater than any weapon
Love gives answers through heaven
Love grows life to be sustainable
Love is the energy of the universe

Love is the way
Love is life
Love is all you are 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

God and Our World

  • We live in the conscious space of God that is conscious energy
  • Our universe is consciousness
  • All levels of life are living in consciousness
  • Everything has reason. No thought is idle and no experience is not leading to something
  • The world is conscious energy living in photosynthesis
  • Consciousness is the level life exists in
  • Conscious energy is the level of what is in everything in existence
  • Love is the greatest force in existence
  • Consciousness is all that is alive
  • We are not our thoughts. Thoughts are only processing the story we think in.
  • Every part of life is playing a role that impacts the others on some level of consciousness
  • Problems are the God faculties for life to evolve through
  • Love is the gateway to higher consciousness
  • There are over a thousand planets with life living
  • All life has been created by God at different levels to give the greater pool of consciousness what it needs to exist. Humanity is only alive because of life that is off planet contributing to the photosynthesis that keeps it existing.
  • Human beings are a young consciousness in a pool of consciousness
  • We live in the light of God
  • The parallel universe is how we live in heaven and have a life continuum
  • We live many life experiences with different spirit but the soul is the same through out giving more light to its level in heaven
  • Human energy that has left the body can communicate with life still in form because conscious energy is all a human being is
  • God and His Angels can hear every thought and see every part of life lived. There is no part of life that is not seen or heard.
  • God's Angels are a species that live with us giving to our living
  • Conscious energy is a species that lives with us giving to our living
  • The all seeing eye in the pyramid of consciousness is the apex of consciousness which is heaven
  • Consciousness off planet is part of the pool of consciousness giving us our existence
  • Higher levels of consciousness experience greater levels of life not seen by other levels of consciousness
  • Everything we see is within our light of consciousness
  • The purpose of life is to become love and then the very light that help sustains all life
  • Conscious energy is giving humanity its living in form through photosynthesis.
  • We live beyond these bodies in a life continuum becoming love and light
  • Every precent life is shaping the next life we live through photosynthesis
  • Thought is more likely to be in the dark while consciousness is in the light
  • Thinking processes life. Consciousness is the light in life
  • We think everything into being
  • What we think, we live
  • Every human being plays a role in another life knowing it's living
  • We live in alchemy that is how we ascend towards heaven
  • We live in our own personal curriculums growing to our highest form of love in this life
  • God is life.  God is love. God is alive. God is the conscious space we live in.
  • The world has the answer to every problem the moment it has occurred.
  • Love opens life to higher levels of experiences
  • Man lives in suffering from living at the level of material rather than living at the level of heaven that he is in
  • The use of weapons is the place humanity must evolve away from
  • The reality we live in is only at the level of our thinking. There is more in our world.
  • Our world is a customized experience for consciousness to live in the level of freewill creating a world in form at the level of consciousness it can become.
Life is always moving forward.  Every part of life is shaping the level of the photosynthesis to create the next part of our living.  It is a life continuum of living in a process of becoming  love.

The living energy of God that is giving life to galaxies and planets light years away is the very same divine energy we exist in.  Life is giving us the ability to expand life infinitely and unlimitedly to the level of our consciousness.  The level of what being alive is will never be realized because life has no ending to it's potential. God is the everlasting energy of life.