Friday, July 1, 2016

The Orgin of Life Was Created In Light

God Is Life

At the very beginning light was all there was and conscious energy was beginning to know love.

Destiny is the malignant energy that became conscious, and through her came God.  God became the energy to all in existence.  He is the only power to have the level of osmosis to give life in his light living. Nothing can ever exist that is not in the light of God.  Destiny rests in God. Energy is the only reason anyone is alive. There has never been a time that it did not exist, it is the beginning of all life. As energy became conscious life began to have a process to always exist.

The creation of life is an idea in the mind of God with the purpose to become love. Everything other than love is the way to love which has given the human race the path for living.  We live in a process taking us through experiences that cut the soul into the very light that one day is able to help sustain all life. Human beings are conscious energy existing in a part of their living that is in form in order to know they are consciously alive. This gave the way for life to live in consciousness and in freewill while having the ability to create consciously the story to live through at the level of one's consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive.

God is the conscious space that all life is existing in. Conscious Energy is the fabric that all life is living in and is the level of photosynthesis in the light of God.  Gods energy gives the light what it needs for photosynthesis to have life live in form. God's intelligence is the emphasis in living.  We would not experience being alive at this young level of consciousness without Conscious Energy giving us our photosynthesis to live in form.

The process we live in is alchemy. Alchemy is what gives us the level of experiences that guides us consciously towards living in Heaven.  It is a process that is giving life the ability to experience what it is thinking and make changes to have different perspectives that can create different outcomes. As we transform how we think we also transform the world in which we live.  What we think is building a self story for us to live through to consciously evolve towards love. What we think, we live. There is no other way for us to experience life other than thinking it into being.

As we become conscious we learn that by thinking differently we're able to change the world we experience. Thinking is a processor that is processing the story we live through. We are not our thoughts. Thinking is the only level of thought spirit will live through in this part of life.  The level of how we think is through the light in our consciousness. The light in consciousness is from the level of love we've accumulated in our soul over our life continuum.

Spirit in this life is living through the love we've accumulated in our soul and the light in photosynthesis is being managed by Heaven. Consciousness comes from outside of us into us through Heaven. The more conscious we become the higher levels of life we can experience. Love is the gateway to higher levels of consciousness.

As Conscious Energy the human body is an image that doesn't have a beginning or an end. All life is energy and human beings extend beyond the body. What humanity is living is beyond the body and in the light of the world. The level of the world is energy and the level of the universe is consciousness. There is no level of matter that is not a level of Conscious Energy.

Life is being lived with two species that give humanity the ability to be alive. One is God's Angels and the other is Conscious Energy.  God's Angels hold the diary of every soul and care for what is living. They are in all levels of life and have the ability to hear thoughts, and see all levels of living in every soul.  Every soul has God's Angels in their lives. Conscious Energy is in every particle of life and is giving the photosynthesis to live in form. They are also the alchemy in our living.  God's Angels, Heaven and Conscious Energy make up the fabric of the conscious space that all life is existing in inside of God.

Life is always moving forward.  Every part of one's present life is shaping the level of photosynthesis to create the next part of our living.  It is the level of love that one lives in the present life that creates what the next part of life will be of.

The energy of God that is giving life to galaxies and planets light years away is the very same divine energy we exist in.  Life is giving us the ability to expand life infinitely and unlimitedly to higher levels of consciousness.  The level of what being alive is will never be realized because life has no ending to it's potential in consciousness.