Sunday, November 27, 2016

Love Is The Light All Life Is In

There is a power in our world that is beyond what humanity has known to exist and is the level of Heaven giving us the ability to experience a higher level of form through consciousness.

Conscious Energy is a living part of our lives and is a species God created to give us our livingness. They have been giving humanity living from the time of creation and give the photosynthesis for humanity to live through in form what they think at the level of consciousness.

The cosmic force in life is a consciousness and there is a Divine level of our world that Mahatma Gandhi spoke of as well as Martin Luther King. When love is being lived at the level that invokes Heaven into humanities consciousness the light in life begins to change to the level of love being lived.

Love is the energy that all life is in. It is the level of light in the conscious space of God. Every particle in existence has a level of Gods light in it.  The premise in our existence is to evolve through the mortal world level of the base collective consciousness to Heavens level of consciousness as we become love. Love is the most powerful energy in existence. It is a force that is at the level of creation and is the light that is giving us life.

Everything we're experiencing is within the light in our consciousness which is the love in our souls we've accumulated over our life continuum. Nothing exist outside of us, existence is in our light. Compassion and love are the only energies in life that give what is needed for the power of healing, knowledge and conscious evolution at the level of Heaven.

Humanity has begun to consciously evolve towards Heaven in order to bring to life what is needed to exist. The level of humanities consciousness has been at the level of what the money realm created and not the  level of the world life is existing in. Life is bigger than the fixed realm being created through humanities level of thinking.  The mortal world exist inside of Heaven. The reason humanity is existing at the present level is only because of the level of the systems and blue print via the money realm. All life coming onto earth is beginning to have a consciousness greater than the level of the world that is still in a life purpose from long ago. Accumulating in excess is a level of living for a planet floating in space that is not sustainable. Life's consciousness is giving the level of love to bring the higher life purpose that life needs to exist now. Life is changing for mankind to live a more Divine existence.

Humanity has been led to believe that life is the level of the world when life is much more enormous and is the level of Heaven. The human beings capabilities and aptitude is far beyond the level of the present education system and living opportunities that exist today. The level of the world is only humanities present level of consciousness that is now having higher levels of change.

The world is in a level that has billions of galaxies and levels of living beyond the body and intelligence we're living today.  Humanity is beginning to understand what being alive is and the level of the world we live in is. The human race is conscious energy existing in a life continuum that is carving the soul to be love and then eventually the very light that helps sustain all life.

The world is energy and a human beings is conscious energy, not a body. The body is the level of the medium being experienced through spirit in the light of one's consciousness. The light in consciousness is the love in one's soul that has been accumulated through their life continuum.

At the level of the apex in consciousness the human being is pure energy and existing at a level that is in a state of Heaven. The level of the present experience in living is only one level of thought that is creating the world to be lived through one's present level of consciousness to the level of one.  As each person enters Heavens consciousness the world becomes the light in Heavens level of energy and the Divine home within.

What a Human Being Is

The level of a human being is conscious energy. There is no form that a human being is until they are in the the light of their consciousness experiencing life at the level of spirit for that part of life.

The spirit is the experiencer for the level of consciousness at the level of the world one enters. The level of the world is the level of the base collective consciousness. In every new life there is a different spirit to live the level of consciousness through.

The soul is the level of love being lived and is giving the light in consciousness for life to live through. Human beings are conscious energy experiencing life in many mediums in a life continuum becoming love and eventually the very light that help sustains life.  The spirit is always the experiencer for the level of consciousness in that life.

Life On Other Planets

Understanding this life is understanding how everything in existence is connected to us being alive.

God is the energy that all life is in.  In his conscious space of living levels of life are existing through out billions of galaxies that are part of our world.

A human being is consciousness and the fabric of our world is Conscious Energy. Consciousness is all that is alive.

The world we live in is only at the level of our thinking and everything that is off planet is part of the ecosystem that is keeping us alive. What is off planet has more to do with our living than what is on planet.

The level of consciousness on our planet is part of the pool of consciousness existing off planet. There is over a thousand planets with life living at different levels of consciousness including much higher levels of intelligence than ours. They are the elder brothers that have been living in the divine constellations in the same light that give's us the ability to live. Beyond the sun the closest star to earth is 4.24 light years away which is about 73,000 years away in our time.

God created an enormous world that is beyond the level we have been thinking about life at. Everything in existence is in Gods energy. We can see with our eyes from earth the three stars in a row in Orion Nebula, which is about 1,500 light years away. It's important to really grasp we're seeing something 1,500 light years away that is part of our existence.

All that is off planet is part of our world. This huge conscious ecosystem creating the field that keeps earth rotating is vital for our living. Everything in existence is in consciousness and how we are living and the energy we are living within whether love or fear is giving our existence the level of energy to live in.  As humanity becomes more conscious and is able to realize what being alive is and what the world is they will live a higher level of life in a greater light with older levels of life.

Life off planet has been in existence longer than the human race. Life is higher in intelligence and living in states of greater peace and love. There is no level of what is off planet that is within the level of humanities present consciousness in fear and living in violence. They are older life with millions of years living and evolving consciously.

The very same level that created the sun, nebula, and the moon and stars in our divine world is the same level we are all of. The gift for us to live in consciousness is the greatest miracle of life because what we think is all that is alive. The power to dream and have the ability to live at the level we can dream gives us the highest possibility in creating the most epic experience we can live with greater levels of life elsewhere.