Friday, March 31, 2017

Celestial Life

Every level of life existing including all life billions of light years away is existing in the conscious space of God. There is nothing existing outside of Heaven.

The building blocks to life such as carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen gas, and nitrogen are all found off planet. Levels of living exist in an intelligence billions of years old giving humanity the ability to live in photosynthesis consciously evolving to the level of what God intended life to be.

All that exist is energy. Energy is all that is here and the level of matter is in the level of light in one's consciousness. Life is living in consciousness. To live in consciousness life is existing in photosynthesis. The sun ninety three million miles away is aligned perfectly for life on earth to have the exact levels needed to give photosynthesis for humanity to experience matter through consciousness. Conscious Energy is a living species God created with humanity to give livingness in matter. Conscious Energy is the mass, velocity, force, levitation and temperature in all matter. The fabric of the mortal world is Conscious Energy in the conscious space of God.

Life through out the universe is in different levels of consciousness with different life purpose's beyond what money buys. Instead they are living for life's potential in consciousness for higher levels of life in Heaven. Living life for peace with little suffering in life is greater than any other life purpose. The focus is on the higher experience of being alive in consciousness with God and evolving through levels of consciousness to higher levels of light.

Celestial life has lived with humanity for billions of years in the level of Heaven. The idea that a human being is different than the level of intelligence giving life is only a level of consciousness not awake to what being alive is. The universe is far beyond the observable consciousness of the human race and beaming with different levels of life. There has never been a time that life in the universe was not living with humanity.

To understand the level of being alive and the level of our world one has to understand the level of creation. All life has come from dynamic energy which is God. Human beings are not the body but the conscious energy inside of the body living through consciousness to become the highest energy of Love. The body is the medium for Spirit to experience consciousness in this part of life. Spirit is existing through the light in the Soul which is the level of the energy Love one has accumulated over living.

Existing on a planet floating in space with galaxies, a moon, stars and sun living through photosynthesis as a species with multiple live's with different bodies is only because of an intelligence hundreds of billions of years old, Celestial doesn't exist. Humanities level of consciousness does. The level of intelligence life is existing in is a level that is only of Heaven. God created life to live eternally. Creating a species in his likeness as conscious energy that can live in matter and change form to live in higher levels of consciousness, paved the way for life to have the path to always exist. Human beings live different mediums for Spirit to live the level of light in consciousness in a life continuum as we carve the Soul to the energy of Love.

The unity in life extends to galaxies hundreds of billions of light years away.  Levels of life in the universe do not have features like a human being but just like humanity they are not the body but are the living conscious energy inside the body. All life existing regardless of form is part of Heaven giving to life the consciousness in living. Celestial objects and beings can be in different shapes, sizes, textures and colors in an intelligence far beyond humanities present level.  Life off planet is living for conscious evolution and are in a higher level of living peace and Love. The level of form is only the medium. Consciousness is all that is alive. The level of intelligence off planet can help humanity awaken to the level of the world and what being alive is to live higher levels of consciousness in Heaven.

 Life is living in energy and only through matter. God created the way for matter to exist through conscious energy in photosynthesis so consciousness would have the experience of creating life at the level one could think.