Sunday, September 30, 2018

This is a Requisite for Living Heaven

Every thought we have is what we are living through. Inside are practices for controlling our thought to live deeper in the conscious space of God.


  • Love is the energy in life that expands consciousness for greater light in matter. Which means it gives us the way to change our perspectives for seeing better versions in life. If we have returning upset, sadness, anger or suffering in our thinking it’s only because we aren’t processing greater light for a new thought process.

    When we begin changing our thought process it's for living in greater peace. We want to continue living just as we are today but with eyes. ears and a mind that can believe in a better level of life. We live only from one level of thinking and we never learn to change how we think. Now we will learn to live in a greater light of Heaven while here on earth. The practices below are only for beginning a lifestyle through Love.

    Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus all taught us how to Love in a thought process that gave us the power to change how we think and therefore change the experience’s we have.  They showed us Loving other people and living in conversation with God was the way. Even though Buddha didn't believe in God he believed in the Ultimate Truth which was actually God. His message of compassion for living in peace is eternal and continue's to bless the human race. 

    Jesus gave us the light for living beyond the mortal world circumstances to the conscious space of God. All suffering starts in thought and continues to then play out in matter. Human beings think incessantly from one thought to the next living out of what is being thought. When we get upset we tend to keep thinking what upsets us instead of changing that thought. Somehow believing if we keep thinking about it we will make it better. When what makes it better is giving our thoughts greater light to think through and that's with the energy Love. 

    Every time we think about what is upsetting we're living in that same energy. The key to going beyond suffering in thought is to understand what thinking is. Every thought emerges out of consciousness. Consciousness is the Soul giving Spirit the light to live in matter. The Soul is the energy Love. Just like God is Love. We are Love but we also live with darkness because we're in human consciousness. God lives in no darkness. Human consciousness is trying to move through the mortal world's level of consciousness to Heavens level of consciousness. We're living from everything other than Love to Love.

    Every thought lives in energy and our energy is where we think from. Incessant thinking from one thought to the next keeps us in our narrative listening to our voices through stories about the past and the future. We carry upsetting moments from the past into our present. We never live present to the moment we are in because our incessant thinking keeps us reliving what happened in the past. Our thoughts are continually in self-chatter to ourselves about what to eat for dinner, what we did earlier and what needs to be done tomorrow. We want to learn to quiet incessant thinking and live present to the moment we are in. Feeling Heaven.

    For every experience we have, there are other versions we can live through when we learn how to change our energy. Changing our energy changes our thoughts and by changing our thoughts we change our experience. Our perspective dictates how the experience occurs and our ability to pause our thoughts discerns how we manage what is happening.  There are only two energies thought emerges out of and they are fear and Love. If we narrow down our feelings and thoughts we end at one of those energies.

    Learning the process to control thinking is a requisite for every human being because we live in consciousness. Which means every thought we have is living in matter. Thought is all we experience as life. Consciousness is all that is alive. What we think is what we live. Having the ability to be present to every thought and controlling our thinking helps us live Heaven.

    When God created human consciousness, He gave us the way to live in free will creating anything we could live through from any level we could think. We live our entire lives only from our perspective. We never live outside of our perspective. Everyone we talk to or see on TV only lives in our minds from our perspective. Matter is giving us the way to observe our consciousness. Everything we are conscious of is trying to teach us to live greater Love.

    Having the ability to live very present to every thought and quiet our incessant thinking is the way.  Everyone we see and every experience we have is only living to teach us to live greater Love. When Jesus said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." He meant it because when we make Love our priority in every human encounter we create the space for living through compassion, mercy, kindness, and humility. The Love we give is the Love we live through.
    Our thoughts are emerging out of consciousness and if we are to control how we think it's through controlling the energy we live through. We want to focus on the energy thought emerges out of. Love is the most powerful energy in existence because it's God's energy. When we live giving Love to others we invoke greater levels of God's energy in our thought process. His energy gives us greater wisdom and knowledge.  The energy Love changes the light in matter which is how we change our experiences to have greater peace.

    Energy is in everything we see and when we change our energy we change the experience we live. After changing our energy we want to keep our thoughts at the new level and not fall back to our old thought process. Many people pray in the morning for ten minutes and then resume thinking the same way they did before they prayed. This takes away the power of prayer. We deflect our miracles when we pray and then go back to the old level of energy and thinking. Praying is teaching us to carry that energy all day long. We want to stay miracle-minded by living in God's energy. We don't want to pray and align our energy with thinking incessantly at the mortal world level. The power of prayer is that we alter how we think in those moments changing our energy to Heaven. When we alter our thinking we want to continue carrying that same level all day long. 

    Having a practice that helps us live to end incessant thinking for living presently in greater Love is a requirement for experiencing what is right beside us and that's Heaven.
    We want to begin at this moment changing how we live so that when something happens that's challenging or upsetting, our level of thinking is in the right space to move through it with greater peace, happiness, and God.


    Take time focusing on your present moment. Some ways to do this is by focusing on your breathing and breath slowly. Monitoring your intake and exhale holding your breath for a few seconds before exhaling. This will also quiet your mind as you focus on each breath. Practice living this every hour for five minutes is good. One can always expand the time as they begin living it. An extension to this practice is mindfully stopping our incessant thinking by being present to where our thoughts are emerging out of and doing the breathing, mantra or meditation for pausing it. Then focusing on what we feel knowing we want the energy to live in peacefulness and Love.

    Similarly to breathing practices using a mantra to break incessant thinking is also good. Mantra's are very powerful because they are repetitive and hold energy when we use certain words. They keep us focused on phrases instead of listening to our self-chatter. Some phrases that are good are I Love you God, I am Love, or I am living blessed. Repeat the phrase over and over again. Saying it a million times is too little.


    We want to send Love to everyone we see. We want to understand everyone we know and see is a level of energy in our Soul only living through us. They are giving us the reason to live Love. Taking time to send Love to everyone we know in the morning and sending Love to all the places we will be going and to the people, we are going to see is the way.  Sending Love changes our energy and it guides us through everything we do living Love first and last. Taking ten minutes in the morning is good and we can always take longer if we feel. Ongoing throughout the day we want to send Love to people including strangers quietly in our minds which keeps us staying present to living Love over our incessant thinking.

    Also, quietly blessing people in our mind is good. Living throughout the day mindfully knowing everyone we see is a level of energy in our Soul only existing for us to live Love through. We can make them or savior or teacher. Better for us to see everyone as our savior standing in front of us for us to Love no matter what.


    We want to live in prayer energy. After praying in the morning we center ourselves in the energy of compassion, Love, mercy, kindness, and forgiveness. We want to live through prayer energy throughout the day. Staying in conversation with God and periodically quietly blessing people around us. Keeping our thought process in Love is how we want to live. We want to live disciplined in living prayer energy with great humility towards others. Treating them peacefully is our only mission in living.

    Having frequent conversations with God is the way. We quiet our minds to hear God and focus on our breathing for pausing our thoughts. Listening for God is always living aligned in His light. His message is always the loudest. Centering our lives around living with God above all else is the way for living Heaven while here on earth.


    Moving through the mortal world to living in the conscious space of God. Our world is in Heaven and the only level stopping us from experiencing greater levels of Heaven is how we think. When humanity believed the world was three dimensional we didn't understand how matter was existing. Now we know matter is energy only living in consciousness. We want to focus on where matter emerges out of instead of what we see.  Knowing everything lives out of energy and our version holds darkness. We want to live as much Love as we can to change the way we think moving into the conscious space of God. We want our energy to live like God's who doesn't hold any darkness. Love replaces our darkness for light. Beyond our perspective, there are greater levels of Heaven.

    In order to begin moving beyond matter we have to begin seeing matter in different ways.
    Looking around a room we will choose ten items to repeat this phrase with. My eyes don't tell me what is real. Only Love is. What I think is real isn't, there is more light. This is only my version at this one level of consciousness. Only Love is real. My eyes don't tell me what is real. Only Love is. What I think is real isn't, there is more light. This is only my version at this one level of consciousness. Only Love is real. My eyes don't tell me what is real. Only Love is. What I think is real isn't, there is more light. This is only my version at this one level of consciousness. Only Love is real. This is only my version at this level of consciousness. There is more here I'm not seeing. Only Love is real.

    Do this practice with ten items every day and they can be the same ones. This is a practice we do indefinitely. Constantly training our mind to know there is more beyond the world we see from another level of consciousness. Changing our consciousness will change our we perceive matter. Our level of consciousness only gives us one version in matter. As we begin to live out of a bigger space matter changes its light for us to live deeper in God.

    As we do this we eventually understand the conscious space of God is all there is and His space is Love. Human consciousness writes on top of that and makes everything in matter live at face value instead of realizing there's more beyond it. Only we make it real and bring it into being. There is more here that can absorb every experience for us to feel greater Heaven. We want to broaden the space we live out of and change how we look at matter. Living unattached to matter and with less meaning in matter we place more emphasis on the space it lives out of which is Love. When we focus on what is beyond matter we begin to hold a greater space in the conscious space of God. We begin to live feeling Love deeper.

    These practices begin our journey into controlling how we think and opening our world to a level we haven't been seeing. Controlling our thoughts is the only way to live empowering ourselves using the gift God gave us. Our consciousness is the light in living. If we idly think we live unconscious to life and the bigger world we are in. We want to live miracles and experience Heaven. Controlling our thoughts is an all the time process. We've been raised to think idly and not observe how and what we think. Understanding that life is consciousness tells us we have to control every thought and give ourselves the ability to create what we live through.  In seconds we can fall back to old thought systems if we don't stay diligent and understand the power of consciousness.

    The same amount of time we've spent thinking incessantly is the same amount of time we have to live controlling our thoughts. The only way to change consciousness is by increasing Love and living deeper in God.

    God is in every atom and can hear every thought and wish. Living in conversation with Him gives Him the way to enter our daily lives more profoundly. Every human being has the opportunity to experience Heaven. Heaven is all around us and there are greater levels of life to live. As we remove the mortal world veil from our eyes there is a world with greater levels of life ready to help us live in Heavens Love.