Monday, December 19, 2016

Living with Other Life Forms

The reality we live in is only at the level of our thinking. Heaven is what our world is living in. There are greater life forms and higher levels of living to experience. Life is living today at the level of matter which is still a young level of consciousness not yet evolved to the level of energy. Life at the level of form has to evolve to living in spirit to understand living in higher levels of Heaven.

Through out mankind's history there have been religious writings trying to give guidance in how life came about and what life's purpose is. All trying to help life live love and live Heaven while here on earth. The level of humanities understanding though has only been at the level of humanities present consciousness. There wasn't a way for humanity to know beyond that until levels of higher consciousness opened the light.

The level of humanities consciousness has been at a level creating life to live through greater fear, division, opponents and suffering at a level of survival. Even though there is no scarcity in existence and humanity is at the level of having technology to go the moon and transplant hearts. The level of consciousness has been unable to understand life at the deeper level of it's existence.  Life is living consciously at the level of money and material instead of at the level of spirit and energy the world is in. Humanity has to live love and live in the light that brings greater Heaven to earth to unlock the level of divinity in each of us to realize the true miracle of being alive.

Humanity is being shown a higher level of life forms and levels of the world to show a bigger world beyond our level of thinking and fixed reality. We are learning more so that we change the way we are thinking and creating life's purpose so that we stay aligned with God and have the level to unlock the divine being. Light is energy and in the video below there is energy along with levels of energy that have never been seen before.

(Enlarge Video)


God created life in consciousness to give mankind the ability to live in freewill. This created the way for humanity to create the world to live through at the level one could think. Conscious evolution give's humanity the life the path to exist. Every event the world is experiencing today is the reflection of humanities present level of consciousness. Humanity is being shown why we must change the direction of the level of world we are creating and move away from fear to love in order to awaken to the bigger divine world we are in. Love is the energy that is in alchemy and is the gateway to higher consciousness.

The world is in energy. The fabric of the world is Conscious Energy.  Conscious Energy is giving the photosynthesis for humanity to live in form through the level of one's consciousness. Which means everything in form creating the world to appear as it is, is energy and at the smallest particle a wave. The level of a human being is not what is in form but is the conscious energy inside the body.  Living is able to move beyond the present human body to greater levels of life because the body is only the medium for spirit to live through the light in one's consciousness for this part of life. The light we live through is the love in our soul that has accumulated over our life continuum that rests in Heaven. We live spirit through the light in our consciousness.

The level of what is keeping humanity alive on a planet floating in space with life growing from an embryo having consciousness to an adult and then aging effortlessly moving forward in consciousness is one level of divinity. Mankind being kept alive by a sun that is ninety three million miles away as it levitates in divine precision with the exact level of carbon dioxide to keep humanity breathing is another. The level of intelligence keeping humanity alive is much more advanced than the level of life purpose the world is creating. Life has to evolve to the conscious level that can understand what being alive is at the level of spirit  to keep unlock the divine being. The level of life that is able to be lived is far beyond the level that humanity is living today because consciously humanity hasn't awakened to the level of being alive or the world life is in.

Living with other life forms and living with life that is on planet and off planet is just another level of consciousness humanity will evolve to help unlock the divine being. There is nothing in existence including what is off planet and light years away that is not in the conscious space of God and helping humanity live this experience.