Tuesday, December 26, 2017

We Live in Photosynthesis

photosynthesisLife was created through energy in photosynthesis for human beings to be able to experience matter at their level of consciousness. In order to experience matter God created a level in life that would give energy into higher levels of light in photosynthesis having the ability for matter to exist at the level of ones consciousness. Gods consciousness created the earth and humanity's Heaven. The universe is only one level of consciousness.
Every human being is only experiencing the world from their level of consciousness. Including the body. The body is only in consciousness. The human being is not the body but is the conscious energy inside of the body. The level of the world in matter we are born into is created through the level of the base collective consciousness. The level of the world is only one level of human consciousness giving us a world to experience at our level of consciousness as we try to become conscious of the energy Love.
The level of being alive on a planet floating in space experiencing matter at ones level of consciousness is the gift God gave humanity. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and living in every atom in life's existence. Human consciousness was created by God. In Genesis we learn that God created the Word and the Word is what built the world and continues to build human consciousness in matter. Human consciousness was taught the sky is blue, the tree is green and we have day and night through Heavens light. The mortal world is existing in Heaven in order for humanity to live as energy experiencing matter. Heaven is the level giving photosynthesis for humanity to experience matter at the level of ones consciousness. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world and is the conscious space of God. Conscious Energy is giving every human being the ability to experience matter at their level of consciousness. Conscious Energy is the only way a human being is seeing any matter at all.
How we want to live in happiness and peace at our level of possibility is by having the knowing that everyone we see is only existing in our light. Every person we see is a piece of energy within our Soul in a level of our light. People give us the ability to live Love by our experiencing them in our light. All energy changes form and will continue to manifest energy in matter at our level of light. If we are to understand what being alive is, we have to understand everything we are seeing is energy and only existing at our level of consciousness in matter through our level of light. Consciousness gave humanity the level to live in a world of energy in levels of light giving matter our level of consciousness. We are experiencing images from the level of light in our Soul. This gives us the choice to choose the energy Love and create a greater experience in matter that is of Heaven.
Human consciousness created the level of the mortal world in matter to live through. The present level of consciousness hasn't evolved to understand the enormity or the level of intelligence life is existing in as we float in space. The human body is water and is living in consciousness. Living in water is a level for the light of photosynthesis. Energy is levels of water in higher levels of light. The level of what we see in matter at the smallest particle is a wave. There is no matter beyond ones level of consciousness. The wave is in different resonance and vibrations in levels of energy at the level of ones consciousness creating the image from the light in the Soul in photosynthesis. This is how a human being is living in matter at ones level of consciousness. At higher levels of consciousness we live at a level of only one of us here with God. Humanity begins at a level of consciousness that sees the world outside of us evolving to realize the world is only existing through us.  The mortal world is living at the level of matter in consciousness trying to evolve to the level that can realize Heaven is all there is. We are evolving through levels of consciousness that are at the level of matter evolving to the level of Spirit/energy.
What is living is the Soul. The Soul is all that is alive and the Soul is Love. The Soul is the light giving Spirit the level of consciousness to live our present level of consciousness in matter. We will live many lives in different bodies with different Spirits from the light in our Soul. God is Love. Love is the only energy giving Spirit the light in consciousness to live through matter. Love is the only energy that can expand the light in consciousness. The more Love we live the more light we have. Love is the way of the world and is the energy giving every human being the ability to experience matter at their level of consciousness.
We are living for higher levels of the energy Love and therefore have the ability to live in greater levels of light entering higher levels of Heaven. Heaven is all around us and is the bigger world the mortal world is in. Without Heaven we would have no livingness in matter.
Humanity was created to consciously evolve and experience in matter what becomes Heaven on earth. When we realize God is reality and the world is Heaven we live for the light that gives our lives the happiness, peace and Love of Heaven. When we are living for the light we are living for God to realize our potential in any one level of consciousness. God is with us in all ways giving us everything we need to live in higher light. It is upon us in freewill to have the willingness and the want to experience greater levels of consciousness in higher levels of light. When we do, we invoke Heaven to help us experience the light in life that is all around us.
Photosynthesis is the light all life is in and is the level giving everything in our lives the ability to have livingness at our level of consciousness and experience Heaven while here on earth.