Monday, May 13, 2019

Adam & Eve Bible Story

Humanity has been living in a veil of darkness from not living with greater light in God. We're learning about creation so that we can consciously live Love deeper than ever before.


Adam and Eve gave humanity a version within this level of human consciousness to live within.
When Adam and Eve were living with God they were living in Love with no inhibitions or worries.  The temptation of the snake for eating the apple from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge came out of what was existing in them. Which today lives in all of us.
The Tree of Knowledge is representing our world and the complexities in human consciousness. Understanding a deeper level of creation was needed before ever considering eating that apple. They were clueless about life and had no idea how enormous and intricate the world was.
Adam and Eve had no way to understand life and the world at the level of God. God didn't want them eating from the Tree of Knowledge because they didn't live in any level of enlightenment to handle what would be unleashed. They needed to understand consciousness and how matter was existing.
When Eve took the apple and shared it with Adam they unleashed guilt, resentment, shame, sin, and fear into human consciousness. They realized for the first time they were naked. They ran behind trees placing leaves over themselves having inhibitions.
Humanity has lived this entire time never having the way to understand God's creation. We never had the knowledge we needed to know what matter was or what being alive was. Eating the apple from the Tree of Knowledge has been existing in the opposite level of all that was created to live through. We have the world backward living 360% away from Heaven.  When we are in Heaven.
Human consciousness needed to live greater Love for greater knowledge. We created fear from not being able to process thought in higher light. We didn't have the way to process what we were feeling and it fell into the devils level which is satan in our thought process.  Today the human race lives through everything other than Love to Love. We have a perspective of life that is in a veil of darkness and have created a tiny reality. Instead of understanding, we are in Heaven in an infinite unlimited existence.
Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge represent human consciousness never living deeply in God for living the Love needed to understand life.  We have shaped human thinking in lower energy that has kept us from higher intelligence.
We've been living in linear consciousness.  As an example is we went from needing sticks and stones to creating sophisticated weaponry. We never lived out of needing weapons we 've only increased how to use them. This is linear consciousness. When we live understanding energy and how God created life we will have the knowledge to live the Love to not need weapons.
God tried to tell us to live deeper in Him. Making Him first above all things because human consciousness would shape itself to the level it gave focus too.  God gave every human being the key to life by giving every child born a level of Love for expanding. We're trying to acquire greater levels of Love for having higher levels of God's energy in our light. This gives us intelligence and wisdom for knowing how to live in God's creation.
Humanity created life out of fear instead of Love. Never living deep enough in God for living in His level instead of satans level. This has kept us forever seeing but never seeing and always listening but never hearing. We have a thought process that stays in incessant thinking at one level. Instead of learning to pause our thinking living deeper into the conscious space of God.
Love is the key to life and in every thought, we have the choice to live it through higher light or lower energy.  Living deeper in God gives us the ability to choose light instead of darkness.
Our world is beyond the reality we hold. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and He knows human consciousness greater than we do. He created it. Understanding there is a greater intelligence with us that we live through is important for understanding the enormous level of wisdom and knowledge existing within us. Unlocking greater levels of intelligence is through Love. Love gives us the way to move through matter understanding Heavens level in life.
Love is the light in consciousness that gives us the light in matter. As we understand our creation is living in consciousness we will live for enlightenment and controlling our thoughts for only living in God.

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