Sunday, February 19, 2017

General Relativity is Conscious Energy

The fabric of the world is Conscious Energy.

When general relativity was theorized and made into being there was no knowledge of Conscious Energy giving everything in matter its livingness in the level of consciousness. 

Living in photosynthesis is the level of what creates the light in what is in matter. There is no other level of force existing outside of consciousness.

The level of what is having a hypothesizes is in the level of consciousness and the level of what is happening is beyond the level of present consciousness.

When Conscious Energy is giving livingness it is in a level that is in light of living as space and time for the human race. Space and time are only a level of consciousness within the human race. Conscious energy is giving the level of mass, force and livingness to what is in matter the idea of general relativity is non existent beyond the level of consciousness keeping it in levels of living.

The light in the exterior nucleus of the atom is being given by Conscious Energy within the atom itself and is only able to be at its force through the light in photosynthesis. The level of what is extrapolated in every atom is in the level of light from the Goditron which is from God.

The idea of general relativity is levels of mass and force having energy in a level of the universe that is preceding its level in livingness. The universe is consciousness in the light of photosynthesis in the level of the human race. The level of all elements in living are from the level of consciousness in the minds of human beings. Every level of living is bringing into being the light of photosynthesis at the level of energy of love they are of. Determining the level of photosynthesis is through the energy of love that is being lived through and that is giving the fabric of the world the level of its existence in Conscious Energy.

In levels of living people are giving photosynthesis before they are being conscious of their level of consciousness. In the light of living before a human being has become conscious of consciousness they have already been conscious within photosynthesis. Every level of life is existing in two worlds at the same time for the human race to exist in photosynthesis but only one world is conscious.

The level of what is giving the level of living to every level of matter is Conscious Energy. There is no other level of force in the universe outside of the level of Conscious Energy giving the livingness.

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