Thursday, January 4, 2018

Adam and Eve Bible Story

adam and eve bible story
When humanity was first created it was Adam and Eve who created the level for how life would be lived. Love is the energy that invokes God into every level of our lives. God is Love and God gave human beings the key to life by giving every child born Love. Human beings are living at a level of consciousness in matter not yet understanding the power of the energy Love. Humanity from the beginning with Adam and Eve has been living through everything other than Love.
When we departed from God at the beginning when Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree of knowledge humanity continued in a level of consciousness not having the Love needed to create Heaven on earth. We began building a world at the level of everything other than Love trying to find our way back to Love.
This is the beginning with Adam and Eve. When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge they were not at the level of Love to have wisdom or knowledge at the level needed to live Love and instead created everything other than Love as the way of life. They ate the apple and fell into duality, fear, sin and guilt. Before eating the apple they were only existing in Love with God. Before eating the apple Adam and Eve were living naked with no inhibitions. There was no level of self consciousness or fear in them. After they ate the apple the light in life changed. Adam and Eve became afraid and had emotions outside of Love. When they heard Gods voice they ran from God and hid behind a tree no longer understanding life at the level of Love. God never wanted them to eat from the tree of knowledge for He knew they didn't have the ability to know Love at the level needed. Without having wisdom in higher levels of light humanity created life at the level of matter instead of through Love.
When we live in the light of Love we live in a greater level than the mortal world. We are invoking God. If we live in everything other than Love we are at the mercy of the mortal worlds level of circumstances. Adam and Eve with God lived through Love when they ate the apple they fell into a mortal world of fear and sin. We have the choice in life to choose the level of consciousness we live through in matter. Human beings are in freewill creating the world from their own level of thinking. Everything in matter has been brought into being out of thought and is only existing in humanities level of consciousness. Matter is a nothingness and the level of our consciousness is giving matter its level in our lives. If we are to understand life we have to understand why God created life to live through Love.
From the time of Adam and Eve the human race has been living outside of Love. When we disconnected from God we disconnected from Love. We have been building the world with everything other than Love creating humanity's  level of consciousness without the light of  greater knowledge and wisdom.
Humanity hasn't lived the Love to have the level of consciousness to understand God or creation.  Our level of consciousness has been developing at the level of money and material, instead of Spirit and energy. We didn't know to live Love greater and when what was in matter was giving us levels in life we continued in that light. Even though we had the knowing that God is Love. We never had the knowing to understand the level of the energy Love or why living Love was the way of the world. We instead created life's purpose for money and material rather than divinity and light.
When we couldn't conceive God at a higher level of light we couldn't understand living on a planet floating in space or why we were existing. God became the level of the mortal world and the Bible has been a level at humanity's present level of consciousness living in everything other than Love. Religion has been divisive, separating humans and used for war. God became a fable and divinity ended with Jesus instead of every human being understanding they are in the light of God. Jesus tried to bless humanity with the knowing of the way to live Love.
Just like Adam and Eve though the human race has never been able to choose Love at the level of Christ.  We have been asleep. Jesus said, " Forgive them Father, for they not know what they do." Not knowing is still the level of human consciousness for we build a world creating billionaires while thousands of children starve to death every day. This is a level of consciousness not knowing what being alive is or the level of the world in Heaven. Humanity has been living in everything other than Love trying to become conscious of Love for a very good reason. Love is the light in consciousness giving us greater wisdom and knowledge. Love connects us back to God, it takes us home.
God is the level of light in every atom giving humanity the ability to live in matter in photosynthesis. God is energy hundreds of billions of years alive having had the osmosis to give energy the way to live in matter at a level of consciousness. The human race is energy and what God created to have consciousness in matter. Every level of what being alive is has to do with the energy Love for God is Love. Humanity is living in Heaven and not even knowing it. The mortal world can only exist because of Heaven giving the levels of intelligence for human beings to experience matter. The fabric of the mortal world is Conscious Energy in the conscious space of God. Human beings are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body having the enormous miracle from God to experience matter at our level of consciousness in photosynthesis. Everything we see is energy in consciousness.
Our purpose on earth is becoming conscious of Love because Love is the light in consciousness giving us the level we need to create Heaven in matter. The more conscious of Love we become the more Heaven on earth we create.  Living Love connects us back to God. God from the beginning of human creation has been trying to have humanity live Love because Love was the level that gave consciousness light. But humanity in freewill had the level to create in matter at their own level of thinking which has been everything other than Love. When we live Love we invoke Heaven giving our consciousness the energy needed to have greater light in matter. Love is the only energy that expands consciousness.
Adam and Eve were the first human beings brought into being. God tried to give Adam and Eve what could give the level of light for experiencing matter at the highest level and that was in Love. God created Love to be the energy that is the most powerful in human life because it is the level of energy able to give greater levels of wisdom and knowledge. This is because God is the knowledge and wisdom we are of. He is hundreds of billions of years alive in an intelligence so far beyond humanity's it is His light giving us the levels as we choose Love. We live in the conscious space of God just as everything we are conscious of is in our conscious space. We have to choose God, and choose Love for the higher light. Love invokes Heaven into our consciousness and is the level giving humanity the greater light in matter to see in. Light is the wisdom and light is the knowledge. The energy Love is light. God is Love. God is everything and the level of everything in existence is in the light of God.
Humanity is now connecting back to God to live Love at levels of Christ having the ability to experience Heaven while here on earth. Every human being will have the light to choose Love and experience a greater level of Heaven than ever before. The level of light is the level of Love in photosynthesis giving us the way to experience matter in greater levels of God. God is reality.

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