Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Who is God

who is GodWho is God? God is energy hundreds of billions of years alive.
Who is God? God is the conscious space all life is in.
Who is God? God is the level of everything in existence for He is the one that created the way for energy to be conscious and live in matter.
Who is God? God is the level of every atom in existence giving the light for humanity to live in photosynthesis. From God is the Goditron that is in the light of every atom.
Who is God? God is the intelligence that created photosynthesis for human beings to live in matter at their level of consciousness.
Who is God? God is the light all life is in and is the level of consciousness that created human beings, their Heaven and universe for consciousness to observe itself in matter creating the way for life's existence through conscious evolution eternally.
Who is God? God is Love
Who is God and How Are We living in Matter?
The level to understand God from is that He is literally in every atom in existence. His light is giving humanity the ability to live in matter. What is living is energy in a level of consciousness beyond humanity's but giving humanity the ability to exist in consciousness experiencing matter. The level of what humanity is creating as life is only one level of consciousness inside of an elder level of consciousness which is the conscious space of God.
God is hundreds of billions of years alive and is the light all life is in.  Every level of life is only energy.  God created the way to take energy and have it be able to exist in matter at its own level of consciousness giving humanity the path for life in matter to always exist. Human beings build their own world in matter from the present level of consciousness.
Every human being is experiencing their own level of consciousness in matter. We are trying to become Love because Love is the light that expands consciousness. The matter we see is an image in the light of our Soul in photosynthesis.
We are experiencing ourselves. Every person, situation and what we are conscious of is only in our light. Everything is energy including all people, events and all matter.  Matter is only our level of consciousness. Every bit of what we are calling our life is only energy at a level within our Soul existing for us to live Love through. We are having experiences personalized for our process to evolve through the energy in our Soul. We think we are living in a world when the world is only an image within our Soul giving us the experience at our own level of consciousness. God created life in His consciousness and every human being is creating life in their consciousness.
Everything is energy. No part of life is outside of our light.  Just as God is the light all life is in. Every human beings world is only in their light. We are literally living through our level of consciousness in matter. Other people only exist through our energy. The world in matter is giving us the way to observe our level of consciousness in matter for us to have the choice to choose Love in. Gods level of consciousness created life and the base collective consciousness creates the level of the world and our level of consciousness is creating our life experience.
Love is the key to the world because Love is the light that expands consciousness to higher levels. Love is the Soul and is energy at the level of God. Every human being is only living to become conscious of Love so they can create in matter that which is of Heaven. Human beings feel at a level beyond what humanity has known. The level of what is being felt is in a language of resonance and vibrations signaling the thought process to live in a light equal to what is being felt. Energy is all that is being exchanged. Energy changes form to live at the level of our consciousness no matter what the level of matter is. Everything we are observing including every human being is only images existing in our light for us to live love through. The conscious filter we are living life through is having everything other than Love manifest in matter at a level for us to live choosing Love in. As we live Love the conscious filter begins to change from levels of what isn't Love to levels of what is Love. We go from levels of consciousness at the mortal world level to higher levels of consciousness in Heaven we live Love.
Heaven is in everything for us to invoke. We invoke Heaven when we choose Love. When we choose Love it is Heaven giving us greater peace, joy, and light. Humanity lives in freewill which means we have to choose to invoke Heaven if we want to feel and live through Heaven.
Human life is existing in everything other than Love trying to become enlightened to live only Love. Energy is all that is being exchanged as life.
We are living through everything other than Love to Love because Adam and Eve took the apple from the tree of knowledge creating duality and levels of consciousness to exist through fear in sin. This created human beings to live through their own level of light in life, which did not have the wisdom nor knowledge to know to live only Love in matter. One of life's greatest principals is freewill which means we live through what we think. Jesus tried to show us the way to choose Love but we kept living at a level of matter instead of Spirt. Everything in the mortal world has been brought into being through human consciousness. The mortal world is in Heaven giving humanity the ability to experience consciousness in matter.
Human suffering is the absence of Love. Suffering in levels of consciousness is because of the pain in how we interpret our experiences in matter without Love. We see other people as outside of us when they are only existing in our light. We see people as separate when they are living as energy in our level of consciousness. There is no place one person begins or another ends. Everything in our existence is only a level of our energy in consciousness giving us the level in matter to observe and live Love through. It is very intricate and creative in how God purposed life to be living in its own light with the purpose of evolving through it. By doing so God created life to always have a path to exist provided conscious evolution was living.
There is nothing outside of Gods hundreds of billions of years alive intelligence. His level created life's ability to live in matter and by creating photosynthesis in light He gave every human being the ability to experience matter in their own level of consciousness. In doing this God created life in eternity. Humanity is the only race in existence living in a life continuum that is eternal. Other races can live for hundreds of years and few can live longer. Human beings are able to experience consciousness in an infinite light.
The way to move through the mortal world is living in a light that knows everything is only existing at our level of consciousness for us to become conscious of Love through. The mortal world is temporary and not giving us anything to take to our next level of life except the Love we are of. The Souls Love is the light giving Spirit in every life the way to live in matter at our present level of consciousness. The Soul is Love. The Soul is managed in Heaven. Heaven is the level of everything we are in. The conscious space of God is where humanity exists living in Conscious Energy for photosynthesis to give images in the light of ones Soul.
If we are to live realizing our potential in anyone level of consciousness it will only be through living Love do we open the universe to experience greater life in happiness, peace and evolution with Heaven. Every human being is existing to live the Son of God with God through consciously awakening to higher levels of consciousness. We live through the world being outside of us to the world only existing through us.  We live to realize only one of us being here with God and that God is reality. Our living in the world with everything other than Love is the pieces of our Soul that have not yet become Love.  There is nothing else living except what we are of. As we become love the light in life changes to live at our level of Love. The world is only living in our light and the Love we are of changes that light. Jesus didn't see the man with leprosy sick he saw the innocent child of God in perfect health and released the man from his own level of thinking in sin. Jesus was at a level of Heaven beyond human consciousness.
Life is living for human beings to realize life in energy and what Love is to life. No other energy is more important for human life to exist. Love is the only energy in consciousness that expands the light and is the only level in photosynthesis giving life its existence in matter. Love is the way of the world. Jesus tried to teach us that. The sooner humanity begins living for conscious evolution for light in life the sooner the realization of Heaven being all there is will be. Life is a miracle and a blessing for each one of us to experience our light in matter through. Live Love and Live God and have the ultimate experience of your divinity in light while here on earth.
All life leads to God for all life is in Heaven.

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